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Can Veneers Make The Teeth Sensitive?

August 2, 2023

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someone holding a popsicle and wincing

Cosmetic dentistry in general can make a stunning difference in the quality of your smile, and no treatment promises more stunning smiles than veneers. If you’re someone who is unhappy with your smile, they can cover up just about any issue that you might have with your teeth.

However, you may have heard that veneers could potentially lead to sensitive teeth. If you want to know why that is and whether that’s something you really need to be worried about, here’s some information you might find useful.


How Many Hours a Day Can You Wear Dentures? 

July 5, 2023

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older person with dentures smiling

Dentures boast an extensive history, dating back to ancient civilizations, and their popularity continues as a favored solution for missing teeth. They not only reinstate functionality and aesthetics but also instill confidence to smile, converse, and eat with ease. If you’re new to denture-wearing, you might be curious about the ideal duration for wearing them without encountering complications. Read on as we delves into the facets of denture wear time, shedding light on why donning them continuously throughout the day and night might not be the most sensible choice.


Your First Month With Dentures

June 16, 2023

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Older woman at dentist for denturesIf you invested in your first set of dentures, you’ve made a wise decision for your dental health and quality of life. New advancements in materials, technologies, and techniques allow them to look and feel more realistic than ever before. However, it can take time to adjust to your new set of chompers. Here’s what you can expect during your first month with dentures.


My Lower Denture Won’t Stay in Place; What Should I Do?

May 4, 2023

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closeup of lower denture

Dentures are among the most effective tooth restoration solutions, and countless generations of patients have turned toward the prosthetics to rebuild their smiles in terms of beauty and functionality. But unfortunately, some struggle with dentures that stubbornly refuse to stay in place, particularly lower dentures. Here’s more from your dentist about why this can happen and some ways your dentist can remedy the issue!


5 Tips to Find the Best Dental Implant Dentist for Your New Smile!

April 28, 2023

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a dentist showing a patient an example of a dental implant

It’s estimated that roughly 500,000 people a year restore their smiles with dental implants. That’s no surprise though! This advanced tooth replacement option offers so many benefits. By using biocompatible titanium steel posts embedded into the jaw, the implant replaces the entire tooth, from root to crown. As a result, you have a lifelike smile, as well as the full functionality of your natural teeth. The stability and reliability of dental implants ensure you can eat, talk, and laugh without any worries. But how can you find the best implant dentist for you? Here are five tips to help you with your search.


Questions For A Cosmetic Dental Consultation

March 28, 2023

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Patient talking to their dentist

Cosmetic dentistry is capable of completely transforming people’s smiles for the better, often within as few as one or two appointments. To do that, cosmetic dentists have a wide variety of tools at their disposal, which can make the field as a whole a little bit difficult to navigate.

If you have a cosmetic dental consultation coming up, you might not even know where to start. Here are a few questions it could be good to ask during your cosmetic dental consultation.


Are Over-the-Counter Whitening Products Worth It?

February 1, 2023

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a patient smiling after receiving teeth whitening

If you’re unimpressed with the shade of your smile, you might be weighing all of your options for whitening your teeth and giving them an impressive new glow. But with so many possible options lining store shelves these days, how can you possibly know which products are safe and effective for personal use? The fact is, most of these products can’t deliver on their promises to whiten your smile; however, your cosmetic dentist certainly can! Keep reading to learn more about which store-bought products you should steer clear of, along with the proper way to go about enhancing your smile’s appearance.


Considering Veneers? Here are 4 Facts to Know About Them!

January 13, 2023

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veneers laid out and ready to be attached to patient’s teeth

Advanced dental technology has made it possible to get the smile you’ve always dreamed of. One of the most popular dental cosmetic treatments available is veneers. They are a wonderful option to transform your pearly whites so you can feel vibrant and confident! These thin coverings of porcelain are a long-lasting solution for a range of dental imperfections. As you consider this procedure, there are a few important things to know before committing to the process. Read on to learn four facts about veneers!


4 Smile-Friendly Stocking Stuffers Your Loved Ones Will Actually Like

December 13, 2022

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Red and white stocking hung on the fireplace

Do you usually fill your loved ones’ stockings with peppermint bark, caramel-filled treats, and other candies? While these are certainly delicious, they can also result in a mouthful of cavities if eaten in excess. Since you don’t want your friends and family to start the new year with a bunch of dental work, it’s worth considering some dentist-approved alternatives. With this in mind, keep reading to learn a few smile-friendly stocking stuffer ideas.


4 Ways to Keep Your Smile Healthy This Thanksgiving!

November 15, 2022

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Are you reading for Thanksgiving to come around? Preparing a huge meal with friends and family is a lot of fun and rewarding. However, your smile may not be doing as well during this time of the year. In fact, the holiday season is likely the worst time of year for your teeth. The good news is that there are some steps that you can take to protect them this Thanksgiving. Read on to learn some oral health tips to keep up excellent dental health!

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