Meet the Dental Team – Port Charlotte, FL

An Approachable,
Caring Team

All of our team members embody Caring Way Dentistry of Port Charlotte’s service-centered philosophy. As they answer your questions and make sure that your unique needs are met, they’ll do everything they can to help create a low-anxiety environment for you so that you aren’t stressed out while having your teeth cleaned and examined. Below you can get a brief introduction of our wonderful team members so that when you arrive at our dental office for the first time, there will already be some familiar faces to greet you.

Tabitha, Hygiene Coordinator

Hygiene coordinator Tabitha

Tabitha graduated from dental hygiene school in 2021, and she’s been in the oral healthcare field for 25+ years overall! Her favorite part of this job by far is being able to ensure that patients receive high-quality care. She also loves developing relationships with each new arrival.

Tabitha and her awesomely eccentric husband have five grown children named Mckaylah, Austin, Kory, Elijah, and Nickolas, as well as a little grandson named Carter. The last member of their family is a Bulldog named Brutus! Some of her favorite hobbies include being with loved ones, visiting the beach, bowling, listening to music, watching Friday night football games, and stock car/drag racing.

Krystle, Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienist Krystle

For over 17 years now, Krystle has been one of our outstanding dental hygienists. She joined our office, in fact, right as she finished her dental hygiene program at Edison College. The latter education gave her knowledge of dental procedures and certification for administering local anesthesia. Consequently, she’s loved working with her patients and teammates from the start!

As a resident of nearby North Port, Krystle likes being “out and about” during her downtime. She enjoys being outdoors and on the water with her husband and two daughters. She’s also passionate about education and child services, often volunteering with autistic children.

Brandy, Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienist Ketia

Born in Kingsport, TN, Brandy began her career in the dental field by studying at Trident Technical College. She then went on to graduate from the Dental Hygiene School there. Now, with well over two decades of experience and continuing education, she loves helping around the office and getting patients to enjoy their healthy and beautiful pearly whites.

When she isn’t at the office beautifying people’s smiles, Brandy is likely spending time with her husband, her three children, and her grandkids. She also enjoys reading books and riding the motorcycle with her husband. An interesting thing about her: she went to 12 different schools from kindergarten to the 12th grade!

Ashley, Dental Assistant

Dental hygienist Ketia

Ashley is originally from Cape Coral, FL, and has several years of experience in the dental field. She started her career in dentistry by attending Florida Southwestern State College before studying at the Heritage Institute. Through her education, she was able to become an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant as well as earn her certifications in first aid, CPR, and radiology. Today, her favorite thing about her job is being able to make it possible for patients to be proud of their smiles.

When she isn’t at the office helping people improve and maintain their oral health, Ashley spends time with her boyfriend and their three children. Other than hanging out with family and friends, she enjoys the outdoors, visiting the beach, fishing, golfing, arcades, movies, and many other family-fun activities. She also loves to read, write, cook, and make birthday and wedding cakes, as she is highly creative!