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Keeping Dental Care Within Your Budget

You can protect your smile with dental insurance that keeps you from paying for the full cost of your treatments and procedures at Caring Way Dentistry. We work with various insurance providers to give patients the treatment they need for a beautiful and healthy smile. If you require extensive treatment, we work with your insurance company to get you the best deal for your dental work. You can trust our friendly team with all your dental needs, whether it be performing procedures or making sure your insurance is covered.

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While we are not a preferred provider with your insurance, there is a 90% chance your checkup and cleaning will be covered! Request an appointment to have a friendly member of our team get back to you with more information.

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Understanding How Dental Insurance Works

Your dental insurance plan is most likely tailored to encourage you to seek preventive treatment instead of waiting for a dental emergency to seek care. This means that checkups and cleanings are often mostly or fully covered to help you avoid the need for more invasive procedures. You receive coverage by paying a monthly premium. A deductible that comes out of your own pocket may need to be met before any benefits kick in. You can contact your provider if there’s anything you don’t understand about your coverage.

What Does My Dental Insurance Cover?

Every dental plan varies, so you should contact your insurance company directly if you have any doubts about your coverage. Most plans look something like this:

  • 100% coverage for all preventive treatments, including checkups, cleanings, and X-rays
  • 80% coverage for basic procedures like fillings
  • 50% coverage for crowns, bridges, and other extensive treatments
  • No coverage for elective procedures like teeth whitening

Note that your plan probably has an annual maximum regarding the amount that your insurance company will pay for care, so keep that in mind when asking about coverage.

Our In-Network Dental Insurance Providers

We accept most major insurance providers, so speak with a representative about whether we are in your insurance plan’s network. If we are not in their network, we have payment options and affordable plans, so you can get the care you require for healthy teeth and gums. These plans may also help if your treatment is not covered by your insurance company. You can use insurance along with an affordable payment plan or CareCredit to lessen the cost of what is due when you arrive at your appointment.

As stated earlier, we accept many of the major insurance companies for our patient’s dental care. Some of the companies we accept include:

  • Cigna
  • Premier Dental Group

We may also accept other insurance companies not listed, so get in touch with a staff member about your insurance and how we can help you get treatment for dental issues.