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Enjoy Tooth-Colored Dental Restorations

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If you need a dental crown or a bridge, you don't have to worry about your restoration sticking out like a sore thumb. Caring Way Dentistry offers metal-free restorations in Port Charlotte. Not only do they look and feel natural, but they are also biocompatible to support your overall wellness. We will help you benefit from natural-looking restorations to improve the health and appearance of your smile.

Why Choose Caring Way Dentistry for Metal-Free Restorations?

  • High-Quality Materials
  • Natural-Looking Results
  • Biocompatible Solution

What are Metal-Free Restorations?

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Traditionally, crowns and bridges are made of metals. There are also porcelain-fused-to-metal restorations. Porcelain is used to cover their inner metal shell, providing more realistic results than all-metal restorations. Metal-free restorations are made of ceramic or composite materials.

How Do Metal-Free Restorations Work?

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After performing any prep work, your cosmetic dentist will make an impression of your mouth to get the measurements necessary to create your restoration. It will be carefully crafted to meet your color, size, and shape needs to blend in with your real teeth. It can take the dental lab a couple of weeks to ensure it meets your exact specifications. Therefore, we will place a temporary restoration while you wait. Once we receive your bridge or crown from the lab, you'll return to our office to have it bonded in place.

The Benefits of Metal-Free Restorations

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Metal-free restorations are a popular choice in cosmetic dentistry in Port Charlotte. Since they don't contain any metals, there's no risk of allergic reactions. In addition, they won't cause your gum line to darken over time. Your crown will look like a real tooth, so only a trained dental professional will know it isn't natural. Although they don't contain any metals, the restorations are durable and can last for 5 to 15 years with the right care, like brushing and flossing. You can't put a price on the benefits you'll gain by investing in composite or ceramic restorations.

Cost of Metal-Free Restorations

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There's no flat fee for tooth-colored restorations because every mouth is as unique as fingerprints. We will create a personalized treatment plan and discuss your estimate during your consultation. We offer several solutions to keep metal-free restorations affordable, like using your dental insurance or third-party financing. You can make monthly payments on any out-of-pocket expenses.

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